Overview of Connectable Devices

Connectable equipment

The following list gives an overview about the medical devices which are connectable to NEXADIA. All the device interfaces are prepared to be connected to the BSL card reader for patient identification using the NEXADIA patient cards.

  • BERKEL (L130, L115, WI-127, L246, IT3000)
  • DETECTO (MedVue MV1, 758CSV)
  • DIGI (DI-10, DS-570)
  • METTLER (DT compatible, DIALOG mode compatible, SICS level 0 compatible, MMR compatible Models: DT DigiTOL, ID1, ID7, Spider, Spider-S, IND449, IND690, ICS429, IND890)
  • MICRA MetriPond (S100, S120)
  • ALTHIN (WTSW/B2.2/150/100)
  • RHEWA (82alpha, 83z, 83plus)
  • SCALETRONIX (6002, 6102)
  • SECA via seca 460 interface (63x, 64x, 68x, 70x, 727, 767, 910, 930, 95x)
  • SECA models with extension R including 635 r, 677 r, 685 r, 704 r
  • SOEHNLE (S20, 2720, 2760, 2763, 2780, 2790, 3020, 3030)
  • DIWAC (IT-1000)
  • CAE (A100 Indicator)
  • PETERMANN / RINSTRUM (EDI03, R320, R323, R420)
  • PRECIA MOLEN (I 200 B/M)
  • DENSI (SI-1)
  • KERN (MPE 250K100HM)
  • GRAM (K2, K2E)
  • AVL/ROCHE-Diagnostics
  • (OMNI Series, OMNI-S, OMNI-C, Cobas221)
  • (RapidPoint 400, 405, 500, RapidLab 800, 855, 865, Series 200, System 248, 348)
  • IL GEM Premier 3000
  • (directly or with SynapseLink)
  • NOVA pHOx Plus monitors
  • RADIOMETER ABL analyzers
  • (ABL5, ABL555, ABL615, ABL700, ABL715, ABL70, 77, ABL800)
  • DINAMAP BP monitors (1846SX, 8100T, Compact, XL, Pro Series, ProCare)
  • DATASCOPE (Accutorr Plus)
  • WALCH ALLYN (Vital Signs Monitor)
  • OMRON (HBP 9020)
  • Dialog+, Dialog Evolution, Dialog iQ
  • BAXTER (System 2000, Tina, Aurora), BAXTER/GAMBRO (AK100, AK200, AK200S, AK200S ULTRA, Artis)
  • FRESENIUS (2008H, 2008K)
  • FRESENIUS (4008, 5008) (Requires specific permission by FMC)
  • NIPRO (Surdial-X)

Please note that some of the devices need a special hardware/software setup which is dependent on the manufacturing series.
If you plan to connect a device please contact us first to check in detail if the connection with your specific device type and version is compatible in your country and setting.

In general any device using a RS232 interface can be integrated. The specific adaption is done by a software driver module for the specific device. Many driver modules for common medical protocols like ASTM, LIS2, LIS3 and others are already existing, feel free to contact us about the terms of integrating new equipment.