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Check your system compability with NEXADIA!

This questionnaire is supposed to provide support in configuring your system to achieve the optimal NEXADIA performance. Please enter your current or desired system configuration and we will come back to you with an estimation if your system does support a NEXADIA installation.

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1. Specification for NEXADIA system

The system requirements of NEXADIA depend on the number of connected dialysis machines, the number of work stations and strongly on the number of patients. Please enter your center setup.

2. System configuration

The NEXADIA system as a combination of software and hardware utilizes a configured network of at least one server and one workstation. To run NEXADIA in a proper way each computer must meet the requirements. Ideally, you are able to run NEXADIA and the corresponding database on two separate servers.

Are two separate servers available? (One for iSYIS, one for SQL)

2.1 Server configuration

Please specify the configuration of the server that will run NEXADIA.

Are managed switches part of network?
Remote access available?

2.2 Client configuration

Please specify the configuration of the work stations. Client support only for Windows 10.

Is there at least one Fat Client with min. one free USB port?

3. Windows account

It is mandatory to create a local windows account with administrator privileges and permissions. This account must not be subject to password expiration and must be permanently on the server. 

Does one local administrator account exist on the server that is not subject to password guidelines?

4. SQL server

Please specify the configuration of the server that will host the databases. It is mandatory to store the database content files (.mdf) and the database logfiles (.ldf) on separate physical hard disk drives. Alternatively, solid state drives may be used.

Are full rights for the MS SQL Server given?

If no: User with DB owner rights for all NEXADIA databases required.

5. Terminal server

Please specify the configuration for your terminal server. Recommended minimum configuration for a terminal server in a typical NEXADIA network with about 10 sessions.

6. Virtual machines

NEXADIA can be installed on virtual machines. The following virtual machines are used:

7. Your remarks

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