Hand Disinfectant Dispenser

Everything you’d expect from a modern dispenser: Installed and handled easily, smart and talkative, hygienic and economical. We support you with a liquid level indicator and a folding bottle for easy disposal. The airless bottle minimizes the risk of contamination. Plus, you have the option to customize the dispenser as well as integrate a smart compliance monitoring system.

There's one way to be smarter than this dispenser.
By using it. 

The new foldable Dispenser Bottle

The collabsible bottle reduces waste volume by up to 85%. Furthermore all material is completely recylable and does only contain plastic HDPE, LDPE as well as PP (no metals). 

The bottle has a single use airless pump that is used in the dispeser in an overhead position - so you have no air exchange and complete emptying of liquid. 


Description Document Link
Dispenser Brochure Overview of all the smart features
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Compliance Monitoring Modern system to secure product availability, usage and much more
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I don't protect rules. 
I protect you.

Research showed that the average baseline compliance for hand hygiene is around 40 %. Thanks to punctual hand hygiene interventions, mainly observed and monitored by healthcare workers (HCWs), compliance can be increased to 60 – 70 %. Unfortunately personal observation showed no sustainable long term effect on hand hygiene compliance (HHC) and is therefore not cost-effective.

With over 10 000 hand hygiene opportunities occurring per day reliably monitoring HHC is impossible for an average size hospital. That is why the adoption of technology-enabledvsystems is recommended.1

If hospitals are reluctant to introduce a personal transponder from the beginning. One can start with a basic system to observe usage of disinfection points, positioning of dispensers and required refilling.

The solution.
Make your dispensers smart. 

  • Capture hand disinfection processes
  • Have maintenance staff refill the dispensers at the right moment
  • Support of ideal dispenser positioning
  • Overview of disinfectant usage
  • Compliance monitoring with personal transponders for defined groups (job, area of work) as aditional option
  • Set compliance targets

Get in touch  - join the smart movement now and learn everyting about the smart compliance system now. 


1 Evidence of of hand hygiene to reduce transmission and infections by multi-drugresistant organisms in health-care settings, WHO publication online: www.who.int/gpsc/5may/MDRO_literature-review.pdf WHO Guidelines on hand hygiene in health-care online: http://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/10665/44102/1/9789241597906_eng.pdf