Smart Hand Hygiene

 Let's make hand hygiene smart

You talk, we listen. Because as a hygienist, you have a very demanding job that requires skills and nerves. B. Braun knows that hand hygiene is vital for fighting the spread of infections and that’s why we give you all the support you need to keep compliance high.

Trust in our know-how: fast-acting hand sanitizer, state-of-the-art dispensers and digital tools including awareness material enable a smart hand hygiene management.

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Campaign Brochure Hygiene Responsibles speakup
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Our hand range

Doesn’t look exactly like a beauty range. But it protects lives.

Trust in our know-how: B. Braun supports you with quality gloves, skinfriendly wash lotion free of alkali, as well as fastacting hand sanitizer containing extra moisturizers. In addition, our range includes also care lotions, because we know that taking care of hands keeps compliance high and infections low.

Over a period of years B. Braun has developed and implemented a convincing concept for professional hand hygiene. Mutually compatible products with a particularly high level of skin tolerance. 

Healthcare associated infections (HAIs) are a real threat

Hands Range Overview

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Hands Range Brochure Hands product overview with knowledge, efficacy and ingredients
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Hand Hygiene Excellence Award

Hand hygiene platform

Don’t give germs a platform, use this one instead

B. Braun knows that hand hygiene is the first and key measure to improve HAIs in hospitals. We are collaborating as founding member with the WHO Infection Prevention group in POPS (Private Organizations for Patient Safety) group dedicated to improve HAIs around the globe.

As a hygienist, you can get sick and tired of sounding like a broken record. To change that, just adopt a different tone: The new B. Braun platform supports you with smart digital tools and attractive awareness material. Easily customizable templates support you with your own hand hygiene campaign. With our platform you will receive a helpful tool in order to improve hand hygiene in your hospital. 

As a customer of B. Braun you will get premium access. Get in touch with your B. Braun contact to learn more about the tool. 

B. Braun has intensified the work in the field of Infection Prevention massively. We gathered a lot of knowledge over these years and could accompaign many customers with different challenges in the field of infection prevention. This knowledge we like to share and spead. Therefore B. Braun has a broad offer of trainings also via Aesculap Academy, services and tools we like to share with you. 

Follow the smart hygiene movement and get in touch with us.


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