Seal and Cut

Lektrafuse Technology

One seal confidence

The Caiman® is the latest evolution in RF vessel and tissue sealing which optimizes articulation, compression, and energy to create a quality seal with every pass.

Even Compression

Even compression is crucial for seal integrity and the prevention of leaks. Only the Caiman® has a proprietary hinged jaw and tip-first closure that helps trap tissue and prevent slippage while creating even compression distal to proximal. With the ability to evenly seal vessels up to and including 7 mm.

Customized Tissue Monitoring

The Lektrafuse RF Generator utilizes a sophisticated algorithm that modulates power in response to real-time tissue changes and delivers a customized seal cycle to each individual bite of tissue. This modulated power results in little to no adhesions or charring, with a thermal spread averaging less than 1 mm. The instrument outer jaw temperatures remain low temperature, virtually eliminating collateral damage to surrounding healthy tissue.


Quick Reference Guide Lektrafuse RF Generator

Setting up the Lektrafuse System.

Sophisticated Power Modulation Algorithm

One Seal Confidence.

Multiple Feedback Parameters

Customized seal.

Energy Control

Minimized external jaw temperatures reduce collateral damage.

Simple Controls

Easy to learn, easy to operate.

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