OrthoPilot® Elite

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OrthoPilot® Elite is based on innovative technology and 20 years of experience. That combination takes standards of surgical precision to a new level.
Since the first surgery in January 1997 the OrthoPilot® has become a leading navigation system for orthopaedic navigation with more than 900 units in 41 countries. Today more than 1,500 surgeons world-wide use the OrthoPilot® navigation system in their daily routine. So far more than 300,000 surgeries have been accomplished. More than 300 studies have proven the effectiveness of the method.

Full control. In real time.

Technology assists us everywhere. And we know how to use it intelligently. Smart devices navigate us efficiently through our everyday lives. We choose the route and the destination.
In surgery, precise goal achievement, performance, and real-time information are crucial to the success of the operation. OrthoPilot® Elite gives surgeons exact, continuous feedback on implant and instrument positions. So you can make the right decisions based on even more solid information.

Technology creates a solid foundation. The surgeon makes the difference.

A new surgical experience

OrthoPilot® Elite is part of an integrated system. The surgeon is the heart of that system. OrthoPilot® Elite puts surgeons in the control center of an integrated, perfectly coordinated endoprosthesis system.
Hardware, software, implants, instruments – they’re all based on the same high standards of quality, but now they feature never-before-seen opportunities for interaction as well. The result: exceptionally effective synergy between team and technology.

OrthoPilot® Elite – your partner in the operating room.

Ease-of-use. Taken to new levels.

As the core component in a flexible system, OrthoPilot® Elite integrates excellently into surgical procedures and stands for efficient processes.
With TKA 6.0 software and a one-of-a-kind multifunctional instrument, OrthoPilot® Elite represents a balanced, innovative man-machine interface.
Its intuitive controls give OrthoPilot® Elite users the freedom to concentrate on what’s most important: the surgical process.

Use leading technologies

Surgery is a calling. OrthoPilot® Elite gives surgeons more freedom.
OrthoPilot® Elite combines surgical precision with effective documentation, yielding significant profits that translate to improved treatment quality. [1], [2] Without taking up valuable surgical-team resources, it makes operations trackable and results reproducible – automatic, thorough documentation creates a template for excellent results.

Reproducible, exceptional results – every day.

Technical features

  • Compact size and small footprint in the OR
  • Lightweight and mobile OR-assistant
  • Intuitive Homescreen for application management, data output management and hardware status control
  • Enhanced camera system with increased measuring volume
  • Easy plug & play concept
  • Wireless communication of system components via Bluetooth

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[2] Haaker RG, Stockheim M, Kamp M, Proff G, Breitenfelder J, Ottersbach A. Computer-assisted navigation increases precision of component placement in total knee arthroplasty. Clin Orthop Relat Res. 2005 Apr; (433):152-9.