Exudate management
in chronic wounds

Managing moderate to high exudate wounds

Managing chronic wounds is very challenging for all hospital and community nurses. There is potential for better patient management, such as effective diagnosis, treatment and prevention of wound complications and overall better wound care. This can help minimize treatment costs, so there is more time free to care for the patient.

An important part of a successful wound management is an effective exudate management with appropriate dressings.

Askina® Sorb Range

Askina® Sorb is a sterile primary wound dressing made of fibers containing 85% of calcium alginate and 15% of carboxymethylcellulose (CMC). The rope form of the Askina® Sorb Rope is specially designed for deep wounds.

Askina® Foam Range

The Askina® Foam range consists of soft hydrophilic foam dressings with high fluid handling capacity available in different shapes and sizes.

Askina® Heel and Askina® Trachea are anatomically shaped, two layered, non-adherent foam dressings, designed to fit around the malleolus (Askina® Heel) and around a tracheostomy tube or other drain or stoma (Askina® Trachea). 

Askina® DresSil Range

Askina® DresSil and Askina® DresSil Border (with additional 1.5 cm large adhesive border) are self adherent foam dressings with soft silicone adhesive on one side and a vapor permeable waterproof film on the other. They combine the absorption capacity of the foam with the soft adhesion of the silicone contact layer.

Askina® DresSil Border is also available in specifically designed shapes, one for the sacral area (Askina® DresSil Sacrum), one in a small circular form developed for diabetic foot ulcers.