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Health Care Associated Infection B. BRAUN FOR SAFETY

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About HAI

Unfortunately sometimes people get sick in an environment that is originally supposed to heal them.
5–10% * Burke, J. P. 2003. Infection control—a problem for patient safety. N. Engl. J. Med. 348:651-656 Between 5 – 10% of patients admitted to modern hospitals in developed countries acquire one or more infections.*
Healthcare associated Infections affect people worldwide, complicate the delivery of patient care, contribute to patient deaths and disability, promote resistance to antibiotics, and generate additional expenditure.
About 1.5 million people get infected every day. 0


Dr. Thomas-Jörg Hennig

Health Policy & Economics

Center of Excellence Infection Control B. Braun

And this is why B. Braun is your partner for
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How HAI spreads

400 X 0 SEC. Hand Hygiene

95% of HAI are caused by bacteria.
Viruses, yeast, fungi and protozoa can cause HAI as well.

Once they enter the host’s body, they can reproduce and spread their harmful effect.

HAI is transmitted in multiple ways.

Blowing a nose Coughing Shaking hands Using canulae Contaminated objects Floors Food Punctures Opened wounds

An infection can be transmitted to anybody – to patients, visitors, health care workers and family members at home.

Stop cross transmission!

The cheapest and most effective measure to break the chain:


Busy routine


Effective prevention

HANDWASH Hand washing removes germs from the hand but they survive on surfaces and can be picked up again to cause infections. HANDRUB Alcohol-based handrub kills the microorganisms fast and effectively. it is more gentle to the skin it is more effective than washing it is much faster than hand washing it can be performed everywhere Disinfection is better because ... Life is in our hands! Never forget to take a moment for hand hygiene - More about hand hygiene

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About 1.5 million people get infected every day. 0

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HAI is an infection of patients in a hospital or health care facility, which at the time of admission was not existent.