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A Time saving, ready to use, safe solution  

Solutions for urinary catheterization

Set (catheter & collecting bag) with urinalysis sample port for single catheterization

Actreen SafeSet®, the time and cost saving answer to NAUTI reduction at hospital

  • All in one concept: steril catheterization set, ready and easy to use* with an integrated urine analysis sample port
  • Complies with the recommendations** for NAUTI reduction for safe urine catheterization and reliable urinalysis sampling
  • Using Actreen SafeSet® is cost and time saving in comparison with standard protocols used in hospitals***

**SFHH Recommendations (French Hospital Hygienists society), ”Surveiller et prévenir les infections associées aux soins, septembre 2010” ANAES, (National Agency for health evaluation & accreditation); ***Qualité de la pose et de la surveillance des sondes urinaires, décembre 1999” AFU (French Urology Association) Consensus du 27 novembre 2002


Suprapubic catheters

Cystofix® Ready-to-use, safer suprapubic catheterization

  • Preassembled catheter within the cannula for less handling and increased safety
  • Wide range of replacement sets and catheters

Solutions for urinary collection

Urine measurement systems

Ureofix® 500 Classic for precise urine measurement

  • Accurate measurement even for small urine volumes (3-chamber design of the Ureofix® 500 Classic)
  • Safe closed system to prevent CAUTI (Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections)

Closed urine drainage system

Ureofix® 112 Plus for mid term catheterization

  • Triple safety concept in accordance with international guidelines*: transparent drip chamber with anti reflux valve, cross outlet with protective cap and a pair of latex-free gloves

  • 2L bag with a needle free sample port on the universal connector  to avoid needle stick injuries and related infections linked to projection during urine collection

*Evidence-based Guidelines for Best Practice in Urological HealthCare. EAUN 2012


Urine drainage bags with needle free sample port

Urimed® SP range, the reliable solution for short term catheterization

  • Sterile 2L urine bag with anti reflux valve and needle free sample port on the universal connector. The bag exists also with a sealed double hanging system to facilitate bag fixation and patient movement.

Adult urine bags

Urimed® B'Bags, the wide rang of urine collection and secretion bags for use in hospitals and home care

  • Closed and drainable bags with and without anti reflux valve
  • 2L and 1,5L bags 
  • Sterile and non-sterile versions

Urine bag for post operative use

Urine bag 4L with drip chamber and anti-reflux valve

  • Large size to be used for post'op drainage, especially after Trans Urethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP)
  • To be used in combination with 3 way indwelling catheters, e.g. Urimed® Cath 

Pediatric urine bags

Urinocol® Pediatric for urine collection and sampling 

  • Designed to fit babies' anatomic shape according to their sex and weight 
  • Closed bags for urine sampling intented to biochemical, cytological or bacteriological examination
  • Drainable bags for diuresis management 

Urological speciality solutions

Ureteral Stents

Urecath®, sets for ureteral stenting

  • Wide range to fit with different techniques of use

Set for percutaneous nephrostomy

Nephrofix® / Nephrofix Certo® for a three steps percutaneous nophrostomy

  • Catheter with good flexibility, high tissue tolerance and low incrustation tendency
  • With ballon or pigtail tip