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For patients with urinary retention

Female intermittent short catheters

Actreen® Mini range (catheters and sets) makes woman's life easier, every day, everywhere

  • Ready to use pre-lubricated short catheters and sets including catheters of only 9 cm length
  • Straight forward use
  • Modern and feminine packaging design for more discretion
  • Discreet pouch in each box to carry patient's daily quantity of catheters and sets

Male, female and pediatric intermittent catheters

Actreen® Hi-Lite range (catheters and sets), easy and ready to use every day, everywhere

  • Ready to use pre-lubricated catheters and sets suitable for male, female and pediatric needs
  • Specific product design with different opening options, even for patients with reduced dexterity
  • More discretion thanks to the foldable design of the 41 cm catheters* and 37 cm sets* and the provided pouch to carry the daily quantity

        *except CH18

For patients with urinary incontinence

Adult urine bags

Urimed® and Medicare® urine bags for urine collection

  •  2L drainable bags with easy to handle free flow cross outlet
  • A range of accessories is available to be used with the urine bags

Adult urine leg bags

Urimed® leg bags for urine collection

  • Range includes 500 ml, 800 ml and 1,5 L urine bags
  • Soft back foil on the back for a better comfort during the day
  • Free flow lever tap for an easy and secure drainage.
  • A range of accessories is available to be used with the leg bags

Male external catheters

Urimed® Vision for male urinary incontinence problems

  • Penile sheaths available in different diameters and lengths
  • Fits all major types of urine collection bags
  • Built-in adhesive band improves patient's confidence and increases his autonomy