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Single urinary catheterization

Based on IC techniques, single catheterization may be used to empty the bladder or obtain a urine sample from a patient which may not suffer from urine retention.  It is generally a one-off catheterization performed by a nurse in a hospital. A new catheter is used for each catheterization.

Single catheterization is becoming the gold standard in European hospitals since it is the best way of preventing nosocomial (hospital-acquired) urinary tract infections. However, indwelling catheters are still used. The B. Braun solution to single catheterization is Actreen SafeSet®.

20 years of Actreen® technology 

Actreen® catheters are ready to use 

Coated with a hydrophilic lubricant, Actreen® catheters are immediately ready to use, with no need to add water.

  • No preparation phase
  • No waiting time before catheterization
  • No mess, no splash with liquid water. 

No risk of drying out

The balance between glycerin and water vastly reduces water evaporation, creating excellent lubrication with no mess.

Actreen® lubricant is proven to keep the catheter fully lubricated for up to 60 min(*) meaning there is a reduced sticking effect experienced during catheterization.

(*) For safety and hygienic reasons, we advise you to use the product in the shortest possible time after opening.

No risk of residue

When immersed in synthetic urine, Actreen® does not present any visually detectable particles in suspension (1)

No effect on sperm mobility

An in vitro comparative study performed by an independent expert demonstrated that Actreen® has negligible effects on sperm mobility and motility(2) 

(1) B.Braun test report 7.5.AA.034.3

(2) Effect of short-term exposure to two hydrophilic-coated and one gel prelubricated urinary catheters on sperm vitality, mobility and kinematics in vitro (Minerva urol nefrol 2007; 59:115-24-J. Auger, R. Rihaoui, N. François, F. Eustache).