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Safe and easy obtaining blood

Preventing unintended needle-stick injuries is essential in capillary blood collection. B. Braun safety lancets are both easy to use for the professional user and comfortable for patients.
B. Braun lancets ensure adequate blood flow at a minimized pain level. Different versions are available for specific blood sample sizes and various skin types.

Our single-use safety lancets Solofix® Safety have been designed for modern capillary blood sampling. This makes them a central component whenever patients and professionals need to feel safe. Using safety lancets is the best way to prevent needle-stick injuries and cross-contamination. Whether in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, physician’s office and elsewhere.

Solofix® Safety –  suitable lancets for each application

Solofix® Safety lancets are available in three different color-coded versions to obtain specific blood sample sizes and to match with different skin types.