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Diabetes as data-driven disease 

More than with any other disease, the treatment of diabetes relies on comprehensive data. The more information you have, the clearer the picture becomes and the better you understand your disease.

Apart from the various types, every person reacts differently to external factors. Sport, stress or illnesses cause the blood glucose level to vary. Therefore, the need to individually track these values and all the other factors calls for simple documenting solutions.

Product solutions 

Mobile solutions such as the Omnitest® app make your smartphone a constant diabetes companion wherever you are. It gives you a complete overview and the different graphs and statistics make the body’s reaction more understandable.

For the computer, there are different recommendable options such as the independent solutions DIABASS® (mediaspects GmbH) or Diasend®.

Omnitest® app

Omnitest app

Your digital mobile diary

With the Omnitest® app, you can check your diabetes data anywhere, anytime. Different graphical views and statistical modes make the information easy to understand and analyze.

Approved quality 

As one of the first diabetes apps to be awarded the test seal of DiaDigital, the Omnitest app was praised for its ease of use and accessible design. DiaDigital's quality seal stands for safe and high-quality apps. 

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Note: The app is currently obtainable in the UK, Germany, Bulgaria, Belgium and Lativa. Soon, it will also be available in the Philippines.


Software solution

All Omnitest® meters are compatible with the software DIABASS® and DIABASS® PRO (mediaspects GmbH). This software is a manufacturer-independent solution that can be purchased for convenient diabetes documentation.

  • Data transfer possible from blood pressure meters, insulin pumps and 230 blood glucose meters including all Omnitest® meters
  • Evaluation options: average day, blood glucose fluctuations as graphic and table, period analysis
  • Reports can be printed or sent via pdf
  • Price and features depend on version DIABASS® 5 for patients or DIABASS® PRO for professionals
  • Learn more about DIABASS®. 
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