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Green dialysis - Two family companies reach a milestone together

"Green" – not just a word, but a philosophy.
For decades now, the two Hessian family-owned companies B. Braun and Viessmann have firmly anchored environmental and climate protection in their respective sustainability strategies. This is documented in regular sustainability reports; numerous projects work toward achieving their goals.

Normally, the heated water flows directly into the drain after the dialysis, unused. In order to save on energy resources and costs, B. Braun Avitum AG and Viessmann Deutschland GmbH collaboratively developed a product in order to increase the energy efficiency of the process: the energy of the outflowing dialysate is supplied to the cold, incoming water through central thermal recovery. This is accomplished by the installation of two highly efficient heat exchangers with separate water circuits. The installation can be monitored by remote access. The system is particularly intended for installation in new construction and renovation projects in renal care centers. Retrofitting into existing systems is also possible.

In the future, more electricity and heat than is required for dialysis will be captured in these kinds of renal care centers, in connection with additional innovative heating and cooling systems from Viessmann.

Hemodialysis cleans the entire bloodstream using a specialized filter – a so-called dialyzer. The dialysis process is a very energy intensive procedure. 

B. Braun and Viessmann

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Green dialysis Two family companies reach a milestone together
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Innovation through cooperation - advantages

  • Central heat recovery in dialysis therapy
  • In the future, more electricity and heat will be captured than is required for dialysis
  • Protect the environment while saving on energy costs
  • We are taking a large step closer to ecological dialysis therapy

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