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Our commitment for life

Inspired by patients

By learning from patients and understanding the functionality of the kidney, B. Braun creates dialyzers to improve patient wellbeing.

Inspired by caregivers

By supporting caregivers to improve on handling and ease-of-use of dialyzers, B. Braun enables time for patient care.

Inspired by science

By developing membranes in the dialyzers which fulfill the outcomes required during treatment, namely small- and middle-molecule clearance and albumin retention.

Inspired by technology

By implementing state-of-the art research facilities and installing advanced production facilities, B. Braun creates high-performance dialyzers. 


At B. Braun, we don’t just develop products. With our dialyzers, we provide solutions. For life.


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Brochure B. Braun Dialyzers Inspired by life
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Julia Fehske
Global Product Manager
B. Braun Avitum AG
Am Buschberg 1
34212 Melsungen, Hessen