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YOUR time to CARE

At B. Braun, we protect and improve the health of people worldwide. That is our shared vision. We work on the big and small needs and concerns of those we take care of. Because you know the practice, you bring medical knowledge and you see people instead of patients, we would like you to work with us to provide them more quality of life, independence and joy every day. Of course, we also see you as a whole person. 

We’re convinced you are an important part of our future.
Hopefully, we're also a part of your future!

With more than 40 years of experience in the field of renal care, we can support lots of patients in getting to a new normal after a diagnosis of renal failure, accompanying them through all of the challenges that come with dialysis or a transplant. With more than 360 renal care centers in more than 30 countries around the world, patients can rely on us for professional dialysis treatment, expert medical advice and counseling, and also for assistance with other important issues such as diet and travel. With support from this comprehensive system of care, patients can be confident that they will receive treatment of the best quality that will help them to maintain their quality of life at highest possible level. We constantly strive to develop, improve and share our expertise together with our partners in the healthcare community for the long-term betterment of patients and their families. 

Are you interested in joining our Renal Care Center team?
Feel free to send us an unsolicited application with your focus of interest to dialysis@bbraun.com. Or find your job in our Global Job Market!

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What our employees think about working for B. Braun

"The work experience at B. Braun allowed me a career progression and fulfillment of professional goals."

Mgr. Michal Dušek, Head Nurse, Czech Republic

"Working at the B. Braun company allows me a good and nice working environment with excellent colleagues."

Krityna Kopecka, Nurse,  Czech Republic

"For me, working at B. Braun has been a gift. To feel the confidence of my team and to admire how they grow professionally is fantastic. We are a great family, and we assist our patients based on the quality, knowledge and passion with which we develop our work."

Gema Aguilera, Head Nurse, Spain

"B. Braun is a company that sees the value in every one of its employees and truly appreciates their effort and dedication."

Rowan Nuij, Nurse, Netherlands

Our Brochure for Future Employees

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