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Data suggests that up to ten percent of surgical procedures lead to surgical site infections 1 and that the true rate is likely being underestimated 2. But there is good news as well: Studies have shown that a bundle of three to five measures can have a significant impact on reducing the risk of SSI in the OR 3, 4.

In order to be able to achieve a behavioral effect at all, the number of measures conveyed in a "bundle" should be kept small and must be manageable. Therefore it is crucial to combine measures into a bundle in a way that translates from science into daily practice.

Would you like to find out whether anything is missing in your process to reach 100 percent guideline compliance? We will guide you through the SSI pathway via a brief interview asking questions based on international guidelines and evidence to help you check the current situation in your institution. With this SSI QuickScan you can get a brief insight to what extent you match the requirements of the recommendations concerning the prevention of postoperative wound infections and get the results at once.

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