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Prepared for the hospital of the future

In the field of pediatrics, one of the most important requirements is that drugs are delivered precisely. The Perfusor® Space makes it possible to deliver minimum volumes with ultimate precision. Disposables from B. Braun guarantee a minimal residual volume and safe handling.

High-precision drug delivery

By using small syringes, you reduce the influence of disposables on precise administration at minimal dosing rates. This is why Perfusor® Space has been designed to work with all syringe sizes from 2/3 ml to 50/60 ml.

The Space piston brake and fully-automated syringe fixation enhance the accuracy of drug delivery: undesirable bolus can be avoided safely. 

B. Braun OnlineSuite

One platform offering several applications

Technology leads to progress when it creates processes that are simpler and more efficient than before. Guided by this approach and the requirements that our customers have framed, we developed the B. Braun OnlineSuite.

The B. Braun OnlineSuite sustainably upgrades the level of infusion management in hospitals. This versatile package of apps was developed with the intention to make working with B. Braun pumps safe, easy and less hassle.

It is a flexible and modular platform which provides existing and future software solutions. Whether it is creating and sending drug libraries, managing reports and statistics, controlling pump loads or servicing pumps – the B. Braun OnlineSuite gives you the opportunity to handle all your pumps from one location.

Standardized IT technologies allow easy integration into existing hospitals’ network and IT infrastructure.

Modular App Package

Standardization does not mean to give up individualization

Infusion therapy is an essential part of medical treatments in drug administration, volume replacement and fluid therapy. Infusion pumps are used to deliver millions of such infusions every year.

In order to make infusion therapy more efficient and less complex for physicians, pharmacists, nursing staff and patients, B. Braun developed the drug library manager application.

The use of a drug library offers the capacity to program infusion pumps with customized infusion limits for each medication (DERS – dose error reduction system) and customized limits for the same medication for specific clinical care units. This innovative solution offers health care professional the flexibility to use one pump in different care units by choosing care unit specific drug lists.


Centralized and innovative technology

Infusion therapy is an irreplaceable and often lifesaving part of patient treatment. However, some process steps within infusion therapy are not without risks and ask to constantly find effective solutions to keep drug library data up-to-date.

The Upload Manager is an innovative technology which is designed to improve processes for updating all infusion devices in a very efficient way through the hospitals’ network. This upload procedure is performed without interrupting the running infusion therapy at the bedside.

Upload Manager WEB: The centralized uploading can be performed by using web technology and is monitored at a real-time status.

Upload Manager USB: Alternatively there is an USB plug’n’play solution available to update devices at the point of care without the necessity of an IT network infrastructure.

Improved infusion therapy workflow

The OneView application will open up new ways of managing and defi ning the infusion therapy process in the intensive care unit. It increases efficiency and supports the workflow due to the centralized IV therapy overview. This feature enables the staff to view the status of any network connected infusion device from a remote location.

The real-time access to therapy related information like dosages, infused volume and infusion time remaining helps to proactively manage clinical workflows and predictable events like IV-refills.

A solution for guided analysis

DoseTrac is a powerful tool that offers the clinicians and stakeholders the possibility to create, manage and display reports that can be used to analyze and enhance the IV medication process.

These reports have been designed to provide the information that are important to the healthcare professionals specific roles and responsibilities.

In addition it will allow to more accurately and proactively assess from any workstation and to continuously improve the infusion therapy process, by collecting real-time infusion therapy data that are transmitted across the hospitals’ network.

The technician’s toolbox

Efficient procedures and greater cost-effectiveness are important factors in today’s healthcare system. In order to improve processes and gain transparency in operating devices, B. Braun has developed the Device Manager.

This toolbox enables the technician to manage and administrate the device configurations across the entire hospital from a central point. It supports the traceability of devices in terms of location as well as their software, Drug Library and Technical Safety Check status.


SpaceCom lite offers an intelligent WLAN interface for single pumps

Single Pump Wireless is a solution to integrate a single pump in your clinical IT. You can upgrade your existing Space pump to a wireless device by exchanging the battery module of the pump to the new Battery Pack SP with WiFi. Within this battery pack a wireless transmitter as well as a single chip computer is integrated offering nearly all the features you know from SpaceCom. The configuration and software update of the so called SpaceCom lite is done via the integrated Web-Server. 



AutoProgramming assists your staff in preventing medication errors in IV therapy. It improves the quality and safety of IV medication administration by reducing manual input and time spent on the documentation of records.

The AutoProgramming interface of the Space system establishes the link between prescription data from a clinical physician order entry system, via a barcode medication administration system to the IV pumps. This increases patient safety by eliminating manual input on the IV pump, by the double checking of an involved computer system and by validating prescription data using DoseGuard. It is ensured through additional barcode information that the patient is the correct patient, and that the patient receives the correct drug at the right time with the correct dosage. Additionally, using AutoProgramming your nursing staff can save time as IV pumps will now be programmed automatically with prescription and patient data taken from clinical systems. An error due to the mix-up of drugs resulting from stress or a high workload, as well as errors due to the high concentration of people across the hospital will now be avoided. Finally, the received drug information can be linked to the drug database on the IV pump to activate particular drug dosing limits and add important drug settings.

B. Braun Space AutoProgramming

Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE)

Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE)

B. Braun was one of the first companies to participate on the advisory panel of Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) that is defining standard interoperability communication protocols between infusion pumps and EMR and other medical devices. B. Braun follows the IHE PCD standards in communicating and connecting to the healthcare partners:

  • B. Braun has been a Charter member of the IHE since 2005
  • B. Braun is a Cerner Certified Medical Device Partner
  • B. Braun is an Epic Certified Medical Device Partner
  • B. Braun has an evaluation agreement with Allscripts

The Space DoseLink™ IHE Interfaces will extend the functionality of the Space system by allowing interaction with 3rd party applications through transactions defined within the Patient Care Devices (PCD) domain of Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE).


Available integration profiles

Available integration profiles

Integration Profiles implemented Actors implemented
Device Enterprise Communication (DEC)

Device Observation Reporter (DOR)

Device Observation Consumer (DOC)

Device Observation Filter (DOF)

Point of Care Infusion Verification (PIV)

Infusion Order Programmer (IOP)

Infusion Order Consumer (IOC)

Alert Communication Management (ACM) 

Alert Reporter (AR)

Alert Manager (AM)

Infusion Pump Event Communication (IPEC)

Device Observation Reporter (DOR)

Device Observation Consumer (DOC)

Medical Equipment Management – Device Management Communication (MEMDMC)

Device Management Information Reporter (DMIR)

Device Management Information Consumer (DMIC)

Medical Equipment Management – Location Services (MEMLS) 

Location Observation Reporter (LOR)

Location Observation Consumer (LOC)