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Start up

  • Switching on the pump
  • Inserting the syringe
  • Setting a rate

Note: Always use the device with the smallest possible syringe, provided the therapy permits this.

Rate Change

Modify a rate during without stopping a therapy.

Reset Therapy

Rate Calculation

Enter volume and time. The rate is automatically calculated.
Any values still missing are automatically calculated and displayed.


Press the Bolus key twice and hold it.
Fluid is delivered as long as the key is pressed.

Note: This function is available only while pump is infusing.

Pressure Level

It may be necessary to change the pressure alarm limit due to various influencing factors, e.g. syringe friction, extension line length and inner diameter, fluid viscosity and the filter used in the system set-up.

Does Rate Calculation

The Dose calculation function is used to calculate the delivery rate in ml/h based on the dose parameters entered.


In the event of longer interruptions, the user has the option of retaining the set values and continuing the infusion at a later time.

Drug Library

Up to 3,000 freely selectable drug names, including corresponding therapy data and information and up to 10 concentrations per drug in 30 categories, can be stored.

The drug database can be used to select a drug name with saved therapy data.

Turn Off

The device cannot be switched off if a disposable item is inserted. Instead it will go into standby mode.


  • Switching on the pump
  • Inserting the infusion line
  • Setting a rate
  • Stopping a therapy
  • Removing the infusion line
  • Switching off the pump


Mounting a Station compact plus to an IV pole.

Note: Ensure that no pumps are docked when assembling a Station compact plus.


Mounting a Station compact plus to an IV pole and fixation of an additional Sation compact plus on top.



To insert a pump into a Station compact plus, position the pump above one of the slots and slide the pump in the direction of the plug connection.

To remove a pump from the Station compact plus, press the release button on the side of the pump and pull the pump out.

Pump Stacking

Mounting of a pump on an IV pole and stacking of another pump.