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Dedicated Disposables for B.Braun Infusion Pump Portfolio

With the appropriate disposable product in conjunction with the Infusion Pumps, compactplus and Space, we are offering a dedicated service and treatment for a range of complete therapy approach. 

Infusomat Lines

For Infusomat Space and Infusomat compactplus

Building modern therapy approaches with B.Braun Infusion pumps is only possible with the appropriate dedicated Infusomat Lines. 

For each therapy we propose the right solution, consisting of lines for Safe Infusion Therapy, transfusion, administration of light sensitive drugs and a broad portfolio for the application of cytotoxic drugs.

The different products and features you can see below in detail.

SafeSet for Space and compactplus

With the key features, an AirStop hydrophilic depth filter membrane and PrimeStop, a protective cap with a bacteria-tight hydophobic membrane, you have additional safety during the Infusion Therapy.
The AirStop maintains the tubing completely filled with fluid, and works further as a particle filter with a filtration efficiency of 15um and even lower. The PrimeStop cap stops fluid leaking and protects against contamination during priming of the system.
In addition we offer the same set configuration with a Standard 15um filter for administration of high viscosity solutions.
For the application of light sensitive drugs as certain vitamins, antibiotics and cytotoxic drugs, special Infusomat lines with UV-Protection are avaiable in similar configuration as the Standard lines.

CytoSet for Space and compactplus

For the special treatment of cytotoxic drugs, a variety of different Infusomat Cyto-Set lines are available. The sets are designed to offer a closed system, which lowers the risk of Air Embolism and Chemical Contamination. Provides easy access, while reducing the chance of accidental touch contamination. The tubing material is PUR (Polyurethane), avoiding the risk of DEHP exposure. The needle-free valves allows easy access for a bolus injection and supports in reducing the risk of particle contamination, by preventing coring of membranes.

For the application of light sensitive drugs as certain vitamins, antibiotics and cytotoxic drugs, special Infusomat lines with UV-Protection are avaiable in similar configuration as the Cyto-Set lines.

Enteral Lines for compactplus and Space

For a successful Nutrition Therapy, specific Infusomat Plus Lines and Space Lines are available. These products are fulfilling todays requirements for safety and reliable Nutrition Therapy, by offering the purple color code for fast enteral identification, the new ENFit connector for avoiding misconnections of different infusions and different adaptors for the connection with bottles and bags.

NRFit Lines for Space and compactplus

With the portoflio of the Infusomat comapctplus and Space lines, we offer additional safety in the field of Regional Anesthesia supporting a Safe Pain Therapy, with the NRFit concept.

The NRFit lines are equiped with the NRFit connector, which reduces the risk of misconnections as the diameter is smaller then the standard lock. Additionaly, these products are recognized with the yellow color coding.

You will find more information on NRFit here.

Pump Syringes and Extension Lines

For Perfusor compactplus and Perfusor Space

For high precision drug application in combination with Syringe pumps, B.Braun offers a wide portfolio of specific syringes, which consists of the Original Perfusor Syringes (OPS) and the Omnifix 50ml Lock.

Both products are designed to fit perfectly the B.Braun syringe pumps. Additionaly, a compatible range of extension lines,  called Perfusor lines,  are offered fulfilling the needs for a complete therapy.

The Original Perfusor Syringes are available in 20ml and 50ml, which are the most suitable sizes for specific infusion requirements with Syringe pumps. The product is made of Polypropylene, which provides a highly transparent barrel, has high contrast graduation, allowing ideal readability. 

The oval grip plate ensures simple and easy placement of the syringe in the pump, the safe plunger backstop prevent unintentional withdraw of plunger from the barel and the plunger stopper with double sealing ring for slow aspiration or infusion of drug solutions, supports a smooth operation of the pump, enhanced Start-up characteristics and minimal residual volume.

The OPS is also available with the aspiration and filter needle, as well an UV-Protect version for the administration of light sensitive drugs.

The broad portfolio of Omnifix Luer-Lock, 2/3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml and 50/60ml, are compatible for pressure infusion, and therefore they fit perfectly into the B.Braun syringe pumps, Perfusor Space and Perfusor compactlus.

The small size syringes are particularly suitable for the infusion in Paediatics and Neonatology, due to the need for smaller infusion volumes.

The Omnifix 50/50ml is also available in a UV-Protect version, for the administration of light sensitive drugs, and the Omnifix 50/60ml NrFit integrating the portfolio of Safe Regional Anesthesia.

The Perfusor extension lines are a vital component for the standard infusion therapy with Syringe pumps. 

In combination with the pump syringes, OPS and Omnfix, the Perfusor Lines are the ideal combination for a succesful therapy. All Perfusor lines are available in PVC and DEHP-free material, as well as Polyethylene, in various lengths and diameters, and luer-lock connection. 

In addition,we offer the Perfusor lines as a UV-Protection for the application of light sensitive drugs and NRFit for the Safe Regional Anesthesia application.