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Building modern Intensive Care workplaces with B. Braun Space

The types of infusion systems used in modern intensive care have become so complex that doctors and nurses must be vigilant at all times. Safety is never guaranteed unless each and every component used within the process chain has been cross-matched to all others. Everything has to work in synergy, making the system intrinsically reliable.

B.Braun Space is a reliable solution for complex intensive care medicine, which allows itself to be matched to patient needs.

Space Infusion Pumps in Hospitals

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Thanks to “One system for greater diversity” you no longer burden your budget with additional investment and operating costs for additional dedicated pumps.
  • The volumetric infusion pump and syringe pump are based on the same system. SpaceStation takes up minimum space, needs only one power cord, and gives you a simple overview.
  • The DrugListEditor allows you to configure all drugs and therapy profiles (PCA, TCI,…) as well as standard and maximum dosages.
  • Thanks to the universal Space pumps there is only one data protocol for complete fluid management required.
  • By working in partnership with a real system supplier such as B. Braun, you profit from our competence in modern Infusion Therapy and Regional Anesthesia.

Infusion Therapy

Our system solution for routine fluid administration is intrinsically reliable. It helps streamline workflow, hightening effectiveness, safety and comfort for both nurse and patient.

The layout of the pump display has been specially designed to show the operator all key information at a glance. The pump database works out the right dosage for each drug to be administered (e.g. ml/h, mg/h, IU/h, µg/kg/min). All parameters can be predefined in the drug library increasing safety, decreasing effort. When Space System is used in areas such as intensive care, it can be connected via the regular SpaceStation to the PDMS, automatically capturing all details of the Infusion Therapy.

Nutrition Therapy

Successful therapy requires adequate clinical nutrition - which is why we consider parenteral and enteral nutrition as an integral part of modern fluid management systems. B.Braun standardized nutrition solutions are suitable for most enteral and parenteral feeding of patients. This approach offers significant benefits as it prevents errors in administering the right therapy during the routine of daily clinical practice.

Beds equipped with the Space system do not need additional nutrition pumps. Not only does this save staff time, because additional user trainings are no more required, it also cuts the cost of maintenance and service. As well as preventing mix-ups with connections to IV access, it is also possible to show the name of the enteral nutrition solution on the pump display, or simply label it as enteral. 

Pain Therapy

Pain Therapy starts inside the Operating Theatre

Thanks to the concept "One pump for all Therapies", Space System can provide one system solution which goes from Anaesthesia to Postoperative Pain Treatment.

When using Space equipment in operating theaters, you know you can depend on the system to provide the induction, operation and recovery room functions that you need - exactly when you need them. 

To select the right drug, the pump provides a variety of TCI algorithms. The available models in B. Braun Space are

  • Marsh Plasma (Propofol), 
  • Schnider Plasma and Effect (Propofol), 
  • Minto Plasma and Effect (Remifentanil) 
  • Gepts Effect (Sufentanil)

Postoperative Pain Treatment

Effective intra- and postoperative pain management has been proven to significantly reduce perioperative stress and facilitate early rehabilitation. Without a doubt, Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) and Patient Controlled Epidural Analgesia (PCEA) are established and effective procedures for managing acute pain. Alternatively nerve blocks with its impressive clinical results have become established as the preferred way of managing postoperative pain. A comfortable pain treatment contributes to an improved patient outcome and satisfaction.


Oncology and bone marrow transplant wards have particularly strict requirements when it comes to infusion system safety and reliability. The integrated safety components in our oncology solution form a closed system – from the very first step to the very last, from preparation to application.

Keeping patients mobile – adding to patient comfort

The lightweight Space pumps with their powerful batteries allow patients to say goodbye to the days when they were forced to stay in bed. As short lines do not allow patients to enjoy the freedom to move around, it makes sense to use dedecated oncology sets. This oncology system solution improves safety and reliability, without tying up more staff time and resources. At the same time, it enhances patient comfort and allows oncology patients to become active earlier.

Pediatrics and Neonatology

In the field of pediatrics, one of the most important requirements is that drugs are delivered precisely. The Perfusor® Space makes it possible to deliver minimum volumes with ultimate precision. Disposables from B. Braun guarantee a minimal residual volume and safe handling.

High-precision drug delivery

By using small syringes, you reduce the influence of disposables on precise administration at minimal dosing rates. This is why Perfusor® Space has been designed to work with all syringe sizes from 2/3 ml to 50/60 ml.

The Space piston brake and fully-automated syringe fixation enhance the accuracy of drug delivery: undesirable bolus can be avoided safely.