Aesculap Aeos® See more. Stand tall.

Aesculap Aeos® See more. Stand tall.

Aesculap Aeos® See more. Stand tall.

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Do you think that vision can never be good enough? Do you think that neck and back pain are unnecessary obstacles for neurosurgeons? Do you think that a new level of vision and a new level of comfort would support neurosurgeons performing at their best?

We agree. In the age of digital solutions, it is time for the next level of surgical microscopes. It is time for equipment that enables ergonomic working conditions as well as a remarkable imaging quality. It is time for an innovative Digital Surgical Microscope Platform, which allows the neurosurgeon and his team to see more, assisted with a robotic arm to position the camera conveniently.

Are you ready for the future? Are you curious to find out how neurosurgeons can see more and stand tall? Learn about the improvements that the Aesculap Aeos® can provide for your neurosurgery department.

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True Digital Surgery is continuing the legacy of building a digital surgery platform with integrated applications to enhance the surgical experience and advancing patient results.

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