B. Braun TransCare Home Nutrition Therapy

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A reliable bridge to home

B. Braun TransCare is a service specialist for home Nutrition Therapy. It is focused on providing high-quality discharge management services for patients who either need enteral or parenteral nutrition. Thus it is the logical continuation of the hospital treatment at home. Dedicated care managers coordinate all counterparts and organize the out patient supply and treatment process.

As a value added service, TransCare can help you to:

  • Enhance efficiency
  • Safe cost
  • Increase safety
  • Improve patient outcome.

Accompanying patient journeys

Workshops, training and sonsultancy services for discharge management

B. Braun supports its customers in developing, adapting and implementing their own discharge management structures. Therefore, we offer a customer tailored educational service. Worldwide, we run open workshops and individualized inhouse seminars with or without hands-on-sessions on home nutrition to advance seamless care.

Coming home

Patients appreciate to return back home soon. Due to economical imperatives the tendency to move patients from hospital to ambulatory care earlier will continue to increase.1 But this demands seamless follow-up care. Our transfer management professionals help to ensure the outcome of hospital treatment and to keep giving outpatient care by building reliable bridges between all shareholders of home nutrition. For a better quality of life!

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