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Total Hip Arthroplasty

THA Dysplasia – Solution for Severe Dysplasia

THA Dysplasia is a powerful extension of the OrthoPilot® software platform. It was specifically designed for severe dysplastic cases. THA Dysplasia reflects the surgeon`s own preoperational planning. This means that THA Dysplasia can provide not only real-time leg length and offset information but also distance to the planned cup position. It gives the surgeon exact control of position and precise orientation of the acetabular reamer and the cup basing on pre-operative planning information.

Leg length and offset information are important variables to ensure stability and function of the hip joint.

Software Elements

Palpation of Landmarks

The camera tracks the position of the transmitter fixed rigidly to the pelvis. By palpation of exact defined landmarks, the individual anatomy of the patient is recorded as basis for all further navigation steps.

Navigation of the Acetabulum 

With help of navigated instruments, the hip socket is prepared and the Cup component is implanted. This way the position of the implant adapted to the surgeon´s pre-operative planning as well as the desired inclination and anteversion can be achieved. The reaming depth in relation to the medial wall or optional an additional information on the thickness of the medial is displayed and therefore allows a safe reaming and an avoidance of a protrusion.

Navigation of the Hip Stem 

The preparation of the femur is also performed by means of navigated instruments. Aim is the control and correction of leg length discrepancies and offset changes in a mm-range.

At the end of the surgery, the result is recorded and all data is available for documentation purposes.

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