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Total Hip Arthroplasty

THA light – Leg length & offset

THA light is the femur focused OrthoPilot® Hip Navigation application. The software enables leg length and offset measurement.

THA light software can assist during the difficult part of leg lengths measurement in lateral positioned hip surgery without any complicated additional steps.

THA light expands your usefulness of hip navigation. The software only needs one pointer during the whole workflow. The position of the femur is palpated intra-operatively to register the leg length and offset parameters for the implant selection. THA light also offers easy simulation of leg length and offset values before the final components are implanted.

Software Elements

Palpation of Landmarks

The camera tracks the position of the transmitter fixed rigidly to the pelvis. By moving the OR table upwards as well as palpation of exact defined landmarks, the individual anatomy of the patient is recorded as basis for all further navigation steps.

Navigation of the Acetabulum

When using THA light application the cup component is implanted without support of navigation. After the implantation of the Cup the new center of rotation is recorded for the further navigation of leg lengths and offset values.

Navigation of the Hip Stem

The preparation of the femur is then performed by means of navigated instruments. Aim is the control and correction of leg length discrepancies and offset changes in a mm-range. The result can be checked during stem preparation as well as during trial reposition. With the joint either reduced or dislocated!

At the end of the surgery, the result is recorded and all data is available for documentation purposes.

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