Acculan 4 Firmware Upgrade

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Firmware Upgrade only recommended for Chargers GA320 with a Serial-Number below 1974.

The Serial-Number is printed on the type plate which is located at the bottom side of the charger.

Upgrade Tutorial

As well as Upgrade Guide

  • Disconnect charger from mains supply by unplugging it and remove all batteries from charger
  • Open lid above mains connector by using a small flat screw driver
  • Connect USB Stick
  • Connect charger to mains supply
  • In each of the 4 charging indicators the left segment will be illuminated
  • After 10 seconds all segments in each of the 4 charging indicators will be fully illuminated. This signalize that the Firmware Upgrade was successful.
  • Disconnect charger from mains supply
  • Remove USB Stick
  • Place the lid again in its position and close it
  • Connect charger to mains supply
  • The charger will now carry out a self-test which takes approximately 3 Seconds and during which all indicator elements at the front panel will be illuminated
  • In the unlikely case the charger was not able to perform the software update, the lower indicators (“action request” and “battery change recommended”) will be illuminated red. In this case please contact your Aesculap representative.

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Download Upgrade Guide
pdf (105.7 KB)
For further information please contact your Aesculap representative or mail to
Aesculap AG
Am Aesculap-Platz
78532 Tuttlingen