Be 1® stoma cap Give colostomates back their control

An impaired quality of life

A colostomy is a major upheaval in patients' life. In addition to their diagnosis, they have to face new challenges in their daily life.1,2

Lack of control over the emission of stools, gases and noises becomes a major concern3,4, which can have a direct impact on patients' social and intimate life, as well as on their hobbies and other activities. An inability to hide their stoma can also lead to an overall deterioration of their body image.

Today there is a real solution for your left colostomy patients to regain the control of their body and continence. 

Be 1® - a concentrate of innovation 

Be 1® is a totally new concept in colostomy appliances: a compact stoma cover offering security and control specifically designed for people with a left colostomy with formed or pasty stools. With Be 1®  people are able to control their continence for more discretion and improving their body image through a more compact appliance. 

The stoma caps’ folded pouch can be actively unfolded by the colostomate when he feels the stool arriving. Regarding gas, Be 1®  enables patients to evacuate them whenever the pressure is too high and the normal filtered degassing process insufficient.

Be 1® can be used with the Flexima® 3S flat base plate, even though we recommend to use it with its specific Flexima® 3S Be 1® base plate for a better handling. 

The benefits of Be 1® for your colostomy patients

With Be 1®, patients will feel the arrival of their stools due to the tightness feeling on his skin or bulging of the Be 1® stoma cover. They have then the possibility to isolate themselves, to remove the cap and to unfold the bag present in the stoma cover to collect stools. The stoma cover is then removed, discarded and replaced by a new one.

Same as with conventional closed bags, with Be 1® stoma cover gas is continuously evacuated and deodorized through an integrated active carbon filter. In case of large gas production, patients can also evacuate manually the gas by using the degassing button of the stoma cover. In this case the integrated filter is ineffective, hence we recommend that the patient looks for a discreet place before.

Patients can freely switch between using the Be 1® stoma cover or a Flexima® 3S closed bag as both are compatible with the Flexima® 3S or Flexima® 3S Be 1® flat base plates.  



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