Easy stoma bag application for patients with ostomy

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Secure and easy to use guiding systems to meet patients' needs

Within the 2-piece segment, B. Braun offers two types of coupling system appliances: the adhesive Flexima® Key and the mechanical Flexima® 3S range.  

The guided positioning- a major step towards security!

Attentive to patients' needs B. Braun launched the Flexima® Key adhesive coupling system in 2006 with the innovative 'key concept’, a patented guiding system enabling caregivers and patients to attach the two-piece system in a safe and intuitive way. This guiding system was a success right from the beginning!

  • A key guided positioning for an intuitive, precise and simple coupling that requires a minimum patient education.
  • A secured coupling system for a large stable track without distorsion which ensures optimum leak proofing.
  • An extra flexibility thanks to its soft material which follows body contours. The smooth and low profile track ensures an easy cleaning and discretion.


Then in 2013, B. Braun launched the Flexima® 3S two-piece mechanical coupling system, capitalizing on the patented guiding system first used in the Flexima® Key.

From needs to a unique solution

The Flexima® 3S was developed based on nurses’ feedback who require simple and intuitive products, which need a minimum of patient education being secure and comfortable for the ostomate. The same for the patient who himself looks for the right balance between security, comfort and discretion.

Consequently the three S of Flexima® 3S stand for:

  • Secure: No leakage system, no misplacement
  • Simple: Ease of application to avoid learning curve and possibility to use accessories
  • Soft:  To maintain activity and quality of life


Three easy fitting steps : 1. First insert the bag tab into the base plate slot 2. Clip the bottom of the ring and slide both rings against each other 3. Lock the pinpoint to secure the system.