Stoma irrigation for your colostomy patients

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Requirements for colostomy irrigation 

You as stoma care specialist should be always the first contact of the stoma patient regarding stoma irrigation as this option must always be first discussed with you as health care professional so that possible risks can be taken into account.  Only after your authorization, the patient can proceed to his irrigation under the guidance of appropriately trained practitioners.

Irrigation is only suitable for colostomates who have a sufficient length of colon remaining.  In case of colostomates for whom the treatment is hindered by skin folds such as scar tissue or an awkward position, irrigation is often the sole method of treatment.

However, existing complications can impede the irrigation procedure or even rule it out. Irrigation is not advised in case of hernias, prolapse of stoma or an existing intestinal infection. Colostomates undergoing a radiotherapy are also precluded from irrigation.

If a siphon effect is present (i.e. the intestine does not run in a straight line to the abdominal wall) then an irrigation schedule with a period between colon evacuations up to 48 hours will not be possible. 

Along with the irrigation by pump method with the IryPump® S set, B. Braun provides also the opportunity to colostomates to undergo an irrigation by gravity with the Iryflex® set.  These two irrigation techniques cease temporarily the bowel mouvement for 48 or 72 hours.  Thanks to these two methods, a maximum discretion is provided to colostomates as they allow the wearing of mini pouch or stoma cap instead of colostomy collecting bags. 


General conditions and contraindications to perform irrigation

General Conditions Contraindications 
The colostomy is located at the end of the descending or the sigmoid colon  Colon prolapse 
A normal bowel function exists with regular, formed stools  Hernia 
The patient is familiar with the handling of the normal stoma treatment and is personally able to carry this out  Colon stenosis 
The patient can irrigate regularly at the same time  Operation in the abdominal area or the rectum during the past 3 months. 

Pioneer in stoma irrigation: from the first pump to IryPump® S

Conscious of patients' need for comfort, B. Braun has taken colostomy irrigation to the next level.

B. Braun first launched "Irrimatic®", the first electric irrigation pump system for colonic irrigation and is now launching IryPump® S set. 

Safe and simple to use for colostomates, surprisingly compact and portable thanks to the integrated battery - the IryPump®S Set will help patients to achieve maximum of comfort, discretion improving patient's quality of life. 

For those patients who prefer stoma irrigation by gravity, B. Braun offers the Iryflex® Set.