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1-piece system: Flexima® Active

Flexima® Active pouches are also available with an inspection window. This inspection window is the perfect combination between the discretion/comfort of the beige pouch and the visual control of both the stoma and the output thats offers the transparent pouch.

1-piece system: Flexima® Standard

With its flower shaped hydrocolloid skin protector, Flexima® standard pouches adapt perfectly to body contours and give added comfort to patients.

1-piece system: Proxima® / Proxima® +

Proxima® is a complete and cost-effective range that best provides for patient needs.

Soft non-woven or reusable micro-perforated backings are available on Proxima® pouches.

With its compact design Proxima® pouches provide patients with optimal comfort and discretion on a daily basis.

2-piece system: Flexima® 3S

Flexima® 3S is the latest generation of 2-piece mechanical coupling system.

The "S" in Flexima® 3S stands for:  Simple, Soft & Secure

Thanks to its guiding system Flexima® 3S is easy to position right from the start and therefore requires minimal patient training.

A concentrate of innovation: Be1®

Be 1® is a totally new concept in colostomy appliances: a compact capsule offering security and control to the left colostomates with formed or pasty stools. Be 1® can be used with the Flexima® 3S flat base plate, even though we recommend to use it with its specific Flexima® 3S Be 1® base plate for a better handling.

2-piece system: Flexima® Key

The Flexima®  Key is a complete range of 2-piece adhesive coupling systems.

The key system is a unique concept providing patients with a guided positioning right from the start. Thanks to this guiding system the pouch positioning is precise, simple and decreases the risk of leakages.

With its intuitive coupling system the Flexima® Key pouches require minimal patient training.

2-piece system: Proxima® 2 / Proxima® 2 +

Proxima® 2  is a complete cost-effective range that best provides for patients needs.

With its compact design Proxima® pouches provide patients with optimal comfort and discretion on a daily basis.

The Proxima® 2 range is a secure 2-piece mechanical coupling system, thanks to its locking system and audible click.

Iryflex® Set irrigation by gravity

A comprehensive set for a complete and easy irrigation session for left colostomates.

The Iryflex® gravity set is:

  • patient friendly
  • easy and secure
  • allows maximum discretion

All items for a safe irrigation are provided within the set.

IryPump® S irrigation by pump

With IryPump® S, an innovative system for secure and simple irrigation, left colostomates will experience a new kind of freedom. This portable compact irrigation pump can be used anywhere. And with up to 48 hours between use, left colostomates will be able to move around freely. 

Skin protection accessories

  • Askina® Barrier offers a long lasting protection for peristomal skin.
  • B. Braun Adhesive Remover helps patients remove their medical adhesive in a painless manner.
  • Superfiller is a protective skin barrier paste ideal to fill in skin folds located around the stoma.

Daily comfort accessories

  • Ileo Gel+ is the efficient and easy way for ileostomates to transform liquid stools into gel. Thanks to its 100% hydro soluble film Ileo Gel+ is ready to use.
  • B. Braun DeOdour is a molecular sponge with a high porosity capable to adsorb malodorous gases.


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