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Streamlining along the process chain

Anesthesia is a complex task which  challenges everyone involved. Often time is valueble, limited ressource. Customized kits have proven to support anesthesiologists and care givers as well as purchasers in many ways.

B. Braun's expertise in improving standardization, manufacturing and logistics which customized procedure kits helps shape therapies and enhance work processes in hospitals, improving performance and efficiency. Thus, increasing the safety of patients, nursing staff and medical practitioners.

In close collaboration with our customers procedure kits have been configured, which make spinal, epidural anesthesia, and central line placement procedures safer and more effective. 

Advancing processes in regional anesthesia

Customized procedure kits for Epidural and Spinal Anesthesia, or Peripheral Nerve Block techniques can make processes more efficient at the hospital. In the field of prepacked central line kits a study has shown that they increased the quality of the procedure and reduced the time required to perform it. The advantages of customized kits even outweigh possible additional costs.1 As the concept is very similar in all our procedure kits, it seems natural that these results are applicable to the procedure kits used in regional anesthesia.

ProSet Tray-Concept

  • Safe and swift handling due to the defined placement
  • Minimal preparation time, due to the fact that the product placement follows the process steps
  • Efficient filling with disinfectants and required fluids
  • Low logistic effort because only one set has to be ordered and stocked
  • Elaborated structure and compact design


  • Shorter operation room-replacement interval by use of ready-to-use sets
  • Reduction of the overall process costs


1. Fenik Y et al.: Prepackaged central line kits reduce procedural mistakes during central line insertion: a randomized controlled prospective trial. BMC Med Educ. 2013