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We pioneer the future with progressive technologies

We have been part of Regional Anesthesia history and we work to also be part of its future.
That´s why we believe in investing in new developments to improve current Regional Anesthesia techniques and even help to find new ones. Innovation is everywhere, in a product, in a process, in a technique, in a way of doing things. We want to keep innovating with you and for you. 

Breakthrough in Ultrasound guided Regional Anesthesia: Onvision® Needle Tip Tracking

We have listened to you and understood: Consistent needle tip visualization is your No 1 concern during interventional ultrasound procedures like peripheral nerve blocks (PNB). 

Together with Philips, we have developed Onvision®, the breakthrough ultrasound guidance system for needle tip tracking. Onvision® empowers you to work with greater control and confidence while navigating the needle to the target. Onvision® shifts the focus from the shaft visualization to what really matters: the needle tip detection!