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Insights - Are you asking yourself the same questions?

  • How can I prepare clinical personnel for the increasing knowledge requirements of the future?
  • How can I satisfy the increasingly complex requirements of the sterile processing of medical products?
  • How can I keep track of the increasing demands being placed on clinical and quality management?

Value proposition

The Aesculap Academy is dedicated to knowledge dissemination and interdisciplinary dialogue - independently and in line with international standards.
The promotion of effective teaching and learning processes is part of the objectives set forth by the Aesculap Academy. High-tech digital media and interactive dialogue stand at the forefront of this effort.
From the Aesculapium in Tuttlingen to the sites in Berlin and Bochum and the global training centre: The Aesculap Academy has a worldwide presence.

Your benefits & outcome

  • Your personnel will be professionally trained
  • Interdisciplinary dialogue and effective knowledge transfer
  • Hands-on training and virtual simulation
  • First-class consultants
  • Scientific symposia
  • Live broadcast from the OR

Interesting courses

Sterile processing technician level 1-3

Aesculap Akademie GmbH
Am Aesculap Platz
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