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Optimisation of cleaning and disinfection process:

  • How can I shorten the cleaning process?
  • How can I remove the causes of surface changes?
  • Which questions will I face during validation or certification?

Verification  of cleaning, disinfection and sterilization process:

  • How can I measure residual contamination on complex instruments?
  • Do testing scenarios really take the worst case scenario into consideration?
  • How can wet sets after sterilization be avoided?
  • Where may process errors come from (FMEA (Failure, mode and effect analysis))?
  • How can I ensure continuous quality of my process?
  • How can I reduce the repair costs of complex medical products (e.g. motor systems or optics)?
  • How can I avoid intra-operative failures?
  • When is a repair / replacement advisable?

Value proposition

Initial Step:

  • An Aesculap specialist will visit your hospital

Optimisation of cleaning, disinfection and sterilization process:

  • Mapping the current process
  • Analysis of the equipment pool and processes
  • Clarification of the requirements
  • Recommendation of a process flow

Verification of cleaning, disinfection and sterilization process:

  • Through detailed research, Aesculap has developed its own testing and verification procedures
  • Analysis of entire process from disposal to the supplies of sterile goods (including water and steam supply)
  • Determining the critical steps of manual processes in accordance with guidelines (loading, pre-cleaning)

Service life optimisation of complex medical devices:

  • Analysis of the current process (including past repairs)
  • Identifying the requirements of different departments and recommendation of an optimized process flow

Your benefits & outcome

  • Optimized processes and innovative procedure reducing expenses
  • Reduced effort
  • Coordinated process recommendation based on many years of experience
  • Standards and guidelines are considered
  • Detailed report with all the observations for certification etc.
  • Quality Assurance for critical processes
  • Focus on critical process elements and products
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