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  • Where can I find processing instructions and manuals for my Aesculap products?
  • Where can I review information on the correct checks, maintenance and inspection of surgical instruments?
  • Where can I find a description of the cleaning and disinfection procedure for a specific Aesculap product?
  • What are the restrictions with regard to sterile processing of a product?

Value proposition

You can find processing instructions for all Aesculap products on "My B. Braun".

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You can find precise instructions on the reverse side. In addition, you can also find a short summary of the validated procedure and other options, as well as the limitations of the sterile processing. You can ask our experts specific questions easily from this platform.

Your benefits & outcome

  • Overview of the most current processing instructions and manuals for all Aesculap products
  • No unnecessary manual documentation of processing instructions and manuals
  • Simple online access to all the processing instructions and manuals for Aesculap products
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