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TOTAL – Treatment Operation Tracking Application Lean

What are your main benefits in Orthopaedics Joint Replacement?

The challenges in the healthcare market are becoming more and more complex:

  • Lack of qualified personnel
  • Incremental work load for surgeons
  • Ageing population
  • Increased patient expectations
  • Economic pressure
  • Bundled buying power
  • Increasing need of certification
  • Rising number of patients lawsuits

Through the far-reaching product and service portfolio, B. Braun has a profound expertise in the different stages of the patient pathway.
Bringing years of this experience to the table, B. Braun analyzes clinical processes in an interdisciplinary way and delivers smart solutions for all relevant pre-, intra-, post- and perioperative steps from patient assignment to rehabilitation in primary Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty. With the help of innovative solutions, TOTAL pathway provides measureable improvement in patient safety, process workflow and staff satisfaction as well as proven monetary benefits.

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