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Goal: Up to 35% reduction in mistakes [1]

TOTAL pathway offers anesthesia solutions with the main focus on patient safety and satisfaction.
Customized anesthesia kits reduce application time, establish reproducible standards and lead to quantifiable improvement in procedure quality.

Early Mobilization

Early Mobilization

Goal: Reduced length of stay [2], [3]

Smart pain therapy and customized anesthesia and analgesia kits, as well as a patient engagement program reduce patient instay. Early mobilization improves the progression in rehabilitation and leads to an earlier discharge fitness of the patient.

Infection Prevention

Infection Prevention

Goal: 24h antimicrobial barrier effect [4], [5]

In addition to the negative impact of infections associated with joint replacements on patients, the financial burden on the health care system is severe. Therefore, a standardized infection prophylaxis for MRSA-decolonization in the weeks before surgery is highly recommended. [6]
Our product for decolonization is Prontoderm.

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