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Optimized processes and reduced economic burden

Instrument Management

Instrument Management


~ 50% less implant specific instruments in TKA [1]
~ 30% time reduction of instrument management process [1]
~ 10% lower Total Cost of Ownership for general surgical instruments [2]

TOTAL pathway intraoperative solutions focus on the improvement of the OR set up as well as workflow. With the intelligent reallocation of materials and resources the goal is to enhance both the patient safety and the satisfaction of an engaged OR team whilst simultaneously generating savings of 200-400 € for every surgical episode, as shown in a recent study. [1]

Reprocessing Solutions

Reprocessing Solutions

One of the core competencies of Aesculap lies in the development of personalized reprocessing solutions leading to reliable efficient processes in CSSD. This service offers the optimization and the verification of cleaning, disinfection and sterilization process due to an analysis of the entire process from disposal to supplies of sterile goods. All recommendations are based on the latest standards and guidelines for reprocessing.

[1] von Eiff W (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster). Instrumentation Management and Process Optimization in the Operation Theatre. Presented at: Aesculap SBA Orthopaedics; Update Meeting; 2015 July 10; Frankfurt, Germany.
[2] Experience from Aesculap Consulting Team over 5 years and 400 projects within 35 countries.

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