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The intelligent concept for improving hospital processes

ProSet's modular system helps to define standards and increases the quality and safety of daily work in the hospital1. Taking the components of the B. Braun product portfolio as our basis, ProSet offers customized kits in three areas: Central Venous Catheters, Infusion Therapy and Regional Anesthesia.

The entire ProSet range, including customized products, complies with applicable European council directives and harmonized standards, even for customized products, and is thus CE certified.

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More than you can expect

During recent years it became evident that the use of Regional Anesthesia techniques considerably improves patient outcome2. Therefore, it pays off to have the required components for a procedure available in one set, so that you can concentrate on the patient and the procedure1. Improve your processes with our customized kits for Regional Anesthesia to enhance the clinical outcome.

Improve your standards in infusion therapy

Infusion regimens in clinical practice are very complex. The required components need to be picked and unpacked, each handling step involving the risk of contamination. All this costs time and money. 

By using pre-connected ProSet infusion systems which are tailored to your specific medical needs and are able to define standards for your administration routine. Finally, the environmental impact is reduced by a lower volume of packaging material.

You can choose from different components out of the B. Braun product portfolio as our basis to design and create your customized IV-System.

We offer customized solutions for different therapy fields: Oncology, antibiotic therapy, for critical drugs like catecholamines and a large variety for your special requirements in order to support your needs in infusion therapy. 

Excellent preconditions for a successful treatment

Hospital acquired infections (HAI) have become a dramatically increasing problem over time. Very often HAI are related to the usage of central venous catheters (CVC), therefore great efforts are taken to decrease the rate of catheter related bloodstream infections (CRBSI)3. Our customized CVC kits provide all necessary parts in one kit, thus helping you to assure maximum sterile barrier technique. This avoids a disruption of the procedure and maintains the sterile barrier system1. A study conducted with healthcare novices confirmed, that complete CVC kits help to perform the procedure according to your hospital's protocol. For more success and highly efficient procedures.

For more information see: Benefits of ProSet proven - CVC study extract



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