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PICC-Line Usage and Maintenance

A PICC-line allows quick, easy and painless vein access up to 3 months and different intravenous therapies. The veins are preserved. 

The implantation procedure is less invasive than central venous access.

Peripheral intravenous catheters are easy to maintain and can be used to out-patient treatment.

Rinsing and Heparinisation

Although maintenance of a PICC-line is simple, there are certain application steps to follow. It is essential to rinse the PICC-line before and after each treatment and between different infusions. The catheter should be rinsed with a minimum of 10 ml of normal sodium chloride (NaCl) 0.9%. Heparinisation with heparinised sodium chloride (NaCl) 0.9% can follow if required by local protocols.


An occlusive dressing should cover the insertion site of the PICC-line at all times. A transparent dressing (e. g. B. Braun Askina® Derm) will allow easy inspection of the insertion site. The dressing has to be checked regularly for cleanness and be changed every seven days or according to local protocols, if the dressing becomes soiled, wet or non-occlusive.

Catheter removal

It is recommended to remove the PICC-line carefully with low force and slow pulling against resistance. The removed catheter must be the same length as when it was inserted. The dressing over the exit should be placed to avoid the risk of exposure to contaminated blood. 

More information about the PICC-line, maintenance can be found in our nursing guidelines below.

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