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Endoluminal Vacuum Therapy for the treatment of anastomotic leakages and perforations in the upper GI tract

Anastomotic leakages or other defects in the upper gastrointestinal tract can have serious consequences for the affected patients.
Different parameters, like the size, location, time to diagnosis of the lesion, but also the general condition of the patient, have a significant influence on the clinical outcome of the patient. Often this situation is accompanied by symptoms of sepsis and a significant morbidity rate with corresponding substantial mortality rate. For this reason the treatment of this clinical situation is often a challenge for the clinician.
Besides surgical examination and the endoscopic stent system, good experiences have been obtained with the Endo-SPONGE® therapy for the lower gastrointestinal tract.
Now also the endoluminal vacuum therapy for the upper gastro-intestinal is available – Eso-SPONGE®.

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