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Comparison of Hemostatic effect and handling properties of Fibrillar collagen (Lyostypt®) versus Oxidized regenerated cellulose (Surgicel®) in suture hole bleeding of peripheral arterial bypass anastomosis using PTFE graft prosthesis.

Primary endpoint: Time to hemostasis.

Time to hemostasis using Lyostypt® was significantly faster compared to oxidized regenerated cellulose. Over 80% of cases suture hole bleeding stopped in less than 3 minutes using Lyostypt®, when using oxidized regenerated cellulose more then 80% of cases needed more than 5 minutes to achieve hemostasis.

Secondary endpoint: Intraoperative efficacy rating.

Lyostypt® show better adherence to bleeding site, in case repositioning was needed it was easy and possible in all cases. Only one fleece was necessary to control bleeding, showing the cost-effectiveness of Lysotypt®.


Baumann P et al. A randomized controlled, prospective trial to evaluate the haemostatic effect of Lyostypt® versus Surgicel® in arterial bypass anastomosis: “Cobbana” trial. Trials. 10(2009) 91.

Qerimi B, Baumann P, Hüsing J, Knaebel HP, Schumacher H. Collagen hemostat significantly reduces time to hemostasis compared to cellulose. COBBANA, a single-center randomized trial. Am J Surg. 2013; in print.  Read more on pubmed >>


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