Askina® Barrier Cream

Protective moisture barrier

Askina® Barrier Cream is a white concentrated cream that provides protection to skin from body fluids. It protects dry, chafed, red, or irritated skin by moisturizing the skin and providing a long-lasting barrier.(1)


  • Forms a durable barrier that works as a protective shield between the skin and bodily wastes and fluids
  • Can be used in conjunction with medical adhesive tapes
  • Non-irritant
  • pH balanced
  • Excellent breathability(1)


Askina® Barrier Cream is intended for use as a moisturizing protective barrier for dry and irritated skin. 

Askina® Barrier Cream is used for prevention of incontinence-associated dermatitis, prevention of skin breakdown linked to incontinence, prevention of skin breakdown linked to bodily fluids, and moisturizing of severely dry skin. 

The product may be used on adults, children and over 12 weeks old infants.(1)



1)  Supplier's documentation

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