Askina® Barrier Film Swabs

Lasting skin protection 

Askina® Barrier Film Swabs are sterile foam applicators with a polymeric solution which offer between 48-72h of protection to intact or damaged skin. The non-stinging solvent forms a uniform film when applied to the skin. It is a multiple use device that is intended for single patient use.(1)



Easy to use:

  • Dries rapidly, after approximately 30 seconds after application on the skin.
  • Possesses good oxygen and moisture vapor permeability


  • Non-stinging, does not leave a tacky residue on the skin when dry
  • Colorless and transparent on the skin(1)



Askina® Barrier Film Swabs are indicated for protecting intact or damaged skin from body fluids in the areas of:

  • Peri-wound skin protection
  • Incontinence skin care
  • Peri-stomal skin protection

The product may be used on adults, children and over 12 weeks old infants.(1)



1) Supplier's documentation

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