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Silver alginate dressings

Askina® Calgitrol® Ag is a sterile dressing consisting of two layers:

  • an absorbent polyurethane foam layer which provides for the absorption of wound exudate.
  • an ionic silver alginate matrix which provides for broad anti-microbial effectiveness and helps prevent contamination from external bacteria.


  • Broad antimicrobial effectiveness(1)
  • Immediate availability of silver ions(2)
  • Sustained controlled release to the wound bed during use of the dressing(2)
  • Tolerable and antimicrobially efficient(3)
  • Easy to use and conformable(4)
  • No activation needed: ready to use


(1) Instruction for use: Askina® Calgitrol® Ag, Askina® Calgitrol® THIN, Askina® Calgitrol® Paste.

(2) Opasanon S, Magnette A. Meulniere F, Harding K. Askina® Calgitrol® Made Easy. Wounds International 2012; 3(1). Available from

(3) Trial C, Darbas H, Lavigne J-P, Sotto A, Simoneau G, Tillet Y, et al. Asssessment of the antimicrobial effectiveness of a new silver alginate wound dressing: a RCT. J Wound Cre. 2010 Jan; 19(1): 20-6.

(4) Wounds international. Using Askina® Calgitrol® Paste for the treatment of diabetic foot infection: case studies. London: Wounds International 2013. Available from


Askina® Calgitrol® Ag is indicated for the management of exuding partial to full thickness wounds, stage I -IV pressure sores, venous ulcers, second degree burns and donor sites. It is indicated for external use only and may be used in the management of infected wounds under medical supervision at the discretion of the physician.

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Askina® Calgitrol Size Pieces/box Article number
Askina® Calgitrol® Ag 10 cm x 10 cm 3 / 10 6211003 / 6211010
  15 cm x 15 cm
3 / 10 6211503 / 6211510
  20 cm x 20 cm
10 6212010


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