Askina® Carbosorb

Activated charcoal super absorbent dressing

Askina® Carbosorb provides a combination of a superabsorbent wound dressing and activated charcoal. Most wounds have a slight odor, and malodor is the most distressing and socially isolating symptom associated with wounds. With Askina® Carbosorb, you can manage excess exudate and malodor at the same time and have therefore more time to care for your patients.

Box of 10.


  • High exudate control: Moderate to heavy exudate is absorbed.
  • Odor control: Activated charcoal adsorbs wound malodor.
  • High level of retention: the risk of maceration can be reduced.


Askina® Carbosorb is made of six layers:

1. Hydrophilic wound contact layer
2+3: Two dispersion layers
4. Superabsorbent pad layer
5. Activated charcoal layer
6. Blue liquid-repellent backing layer