Space® GlucoseControl System (SGC System)

for blood glucose control in critically ill patients

B. Braun Space® GlucoseControl - SGC System

B. Braun SGC is a decision support system that is designed to realize safe and reliable glucose levels in critically ill adults and pediatric patients (aged 2 years and older)1. With its intelligent eMPC (enhanced model predictive control) algorithm, the SGC System determines the next sampling time and calculates the adequate insulin dosage based on the history of all blood glucose values measured and the glucose amount of the ENTERAL & PARENTERAL nutrition administered to the patient. The system helps to easily control complex work processes for a safe and reliable blood glucose therapy.

The SGC System consists of 2 parts, the Space®Control which is the display and the user interface and the SGC Module with its integrated eMPC algorithm. Both parts are required to provide full functionality.


SGC System with its integrated self-learning algorithm (eMPC) provides optimal insulin dosage for critically ill patients considering the following events:

  • Sudden changes in nutrition regiment
  • Alterations in insulin resistance
  • Postponed or no glucose measurements due to stress or other activities in the ICU


SGC is a decision support system at the ICU bedside, integrated into the Space® pump technology, a compatible solution with a safe infusion therapy portfolio of disposables and additional safety features as ENFit meeting the state-of-the-art requirements.

SAFETY FOR PATIENTS - Self-Learning Algorithm

  • Tailored insulin dosage adapted to patients' individual need with an integrated eMPC (enhanced model predictive control) algorithm including a physiological model of glucose and insulin metabolism which takes into account previously given insulin, parenteral and enteral nutrition.
  • Reduced risk of hypo- and hyperglycaemia and blood glucose variability2
  • Data transfer with the SGC Reporting Tool recording all necessary variables:
    • time of administration
    • carbohydrate intakes
    • blood glucose values
    • total insulin dosage administered
    • time to target
    • time in target

1 Instruction for use, SpaceControl for automated glucose control, 7700117 - Drawing No. I9994110202

2 Blaha J, Barteczko-Grajek B, Berezowicz P, Charvat J, Chvojka J, Grau T et al. Space GlucoseControl system for blood glucose control in intensive care patients - a European multicentre observational study. BMC Anesthesiology 2016; 16;8.