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For loco-regional chemotherapy of liver tumours and hepatic artery infusion therapy (surgical implantation technique)

Celsite® Arterial Port Systems are indicated for arterial applications and permit loco-regional chemotherapy directly targeting tumours.
The port is implanted at the base of the ribs, while the catheter is introduced into the gastroduodenal artery with the tip lying in the hepatic artery.
The radiopaque silicone catheter has rings to ensure immobilisation of the catheter in the artery.

Special Features

  • Radiopaque silicone catheter with special rings to ensure immobilisation of the catheter in the artery

General Features

  • Anatomic design and lower profiled nose for simplified insertion and patient comfort
  • Made out of lightweight polysulphone
  • High density silicone septum for reliable puncture and to ensure maximum port life
  • MRI compatible, Latex, DEHP and PVC free

Available Implantation Technique

  • Surgical cut-down

Available as

  • Celsite ®PSU standard size (polysulphone body, titanium chamber with 3 suture holes and connection ring) including a radiopaque silicone catheter with 3 rings
  • Celsite® Implantofix ® standard size (plain polysulphone body with 2 suture holes and screw connection) including a Polyurethane catheter with 2 rings