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For intra-peritoneal administration of chemotherapy, hydration, drainage of malignant ascites, or drainage of malignant pleural effusion

The Celsite® DRAINAPORT Access Port Systems are indicated for pleural and peritoneal applications.

It avoids repeated, painful puncture for drainage of malignant ascites or malignant pleural effusion. Moreover, the Celsite® DRAINAPORT can be used for intra-peritoneal administration of chemotherapy and hydration.

Special Features

  • Smooth, large and flexible multiperforated 15F silicone catheter with 49 oval holes (Ø 1.1 x 1.6 mm) from the tip up to 20 cm to prevent blockage of the catheter and ensure optimal efficiency
  • Catheter cuff promotes tissue in-growth to reduce infection risk and holds the catheter securely in place
  • Compact port design with enlarged puncture area in relation to the port housing size
  • Connection is secured with the radiopaque titanium connection ring

General Features

  • Anatomic design and lower profiled nose for simplified insertion and patient comfort
  • Titanium chamber for enhanced security
  • High density silicone septum for reliable puncture and to ensure maximum port life
  • 2 suture holes to facilitate fixation of the port
  • MRI compatible, Latex, DEHP and PVC free

Available Implantation Technique

  • Percutaneous