Certofix® protect Duo

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Antimicrobially modified double lumen catheter sets for catheterization of the vena cava according to the Seldinger method with the possibility of intra-atrial ECG lead

Set consists of:

  • Valve needle = V
  • Kink-proof guide wire with flexible J-tip
  • Omnifix® lock syringe, 5 ml
  • Cutfix® scalpel
  • Dilator
  • Double-lumen catheter
    • Made of PUR
    • Soft catheter tip
    • X-ray detectable, opaque
    • Two lumens:
      distal = 16 G; proximal = 16 G
    • With Safsite® valves
    • Length markings for accurate catheter placement
    • Color-coded Luer-Lock fittings
    • Fixation wing at the channel junction for securing of the catheter
    • Protruding, adjustable fixation wing for stitch fixation at the puncture site